Day 2 At Sea

img_0680img_0687As mentioned yesterday,  this ship is remarkably smooth sailing,  the waves of the ocean make for a good night’s sleep.  Sugey has been sleeping like a log at night and.  This morning we ate in the buffet which was rather crowded for the mid to late morning.  After breakfast we headed to the Lawn club,  yes that’s right grass on a cruise ship, we came upon the hot glass show just at the end where they draw to give away a piece they created,  did not think much of it,  we were able to get raffle tickets and the won the last piece.  Sugey  was playing around on the grass and found a bird – little tiny thing that did not fly to well,  not sure if he belongs on the ship or what.  Off to do some exploring –(i.e.: find coke to drink and a place to smoke) Sugey was In a great mood.  He took a long nap in the afternoon and missed bingo.  Woke up and had 2 ice crème cones,  We have early seating for the first time and this worked out good,  Sugey got all dressed up in his Tux and as usual was a superstar,  walking around with him is like walking with Tom Cruise,  he loves the attention but won’t give any attention to anyone.


He did well at dinner and the tie came off shortly after that.  Went up to the top deck and it was nice,  very little breeze which is unusual for us on the top deck for past cruises.  Came upon the bird again this time in the front of the ship,  he was standing but otherwise not moving.  Made another visit to the kids club this time it was Sugey who led us there,  once again when he realized where he was he was out of there,  he won’t even go inside to look,  does not want anything to do with the kids club – PERIOD! 


Foohey spend some time this afternoon in the relaxation room – a quiet room in the front for as Sugey would say Chillaxin while he took his nap.  Sugey gets all jacked up on skittles and runs mama up and down the stairs.  It did rain a bit this afternoon and cleared out the pool area.


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