Day 3 San Juan PR

Heather participated in the Beatles trivia contest,  Sug did not want any part of it so he and I went off,  when suddenly the cruise director got on the horn and said we were going to arrive early in San Juan – about an hour early,  so Sugey and I head up to the Sky Observation Lounge which is perfect to view port entries in AC comfort,  he was excited and asked about 100 questions as we entered San Juan,  he was having a blast,  then I hear:  I have to pee,  I have to pee now.  So off to the restroom we go. 


We have a tour scheduled today of the Bacardi facility and then off to the Fort,  it was to include a city tour as well,  but the drive to and from the Rum Distillery I presume was the city tour.  He guide took us to the distillery first and we had to wait about 30 – 45 minutes for our tour to begin,  Sugey started out good but his patience were stretched today.  Started to rain as the tour finished – back on the bus for a bumpy ride to the fort,  unfortunately on the way there another guest could not keep down her rum and chucked all over,  this stunk up the bus quickly, so needless to say we found our own way back to the ship after the fort visit.  All in all I would not take this tour again and could not recommend this tour.

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