Day 1 Palm Harbor to Fort Lauderdale

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Watch us sail away on March 1st from the at 4:30

The day started out early,  had to catch the bus at 6 am in the McDonalds parking lot in Clearwater,   we were by far the youngest on the bus,  the bus made a stop in St Pete and then again in Bradenton.  We stopped for a break in Fort Myers where one bus was already stopped – so the McDonalds was full and the line for the restroom was out the door,  actually saw a woman sneak into the mens room,  before we left another bus had arrived,  so I’m sure it was a good breakfast morning for that McDonalds.  Back on the bus for the final stretch of the drive they played a movie six nights seven days or seven days  six nights something like that,  we arrived in Port Everglades by 11 am on the dot,  first stop Crown Princess then it’s off to the Celebrity Solstice,  the check in process was a breeze,  no waiting at any point for us,  checked in at the Aqua Class given tags to bypass the main holding area and to go upstairs to wait but by the time we were upstairs they were boarding so we walked on the ship.


The ship is stunning.  We were first to sail after the muster drill,  that was an ordeal,  getting hundreds of people in the public rooms,  you must wear your lifejacket to your station,  now the room is on deck 11 and the muster station was on deck 5 and you cannot use the elevators,  that’s a lot of stairs and since the age of some of these passengers is up there.  After the drill its back to the room to drop of the life preservers,  finally we were moving and leaving the port at about 4:30.  


The weather forecast was not to good but on this day we never experienced any bad weather,  I expected a rocky ride but it has been very smooth sailing.

Sugey boarding and given stemware

Sugey boarding and given stemware

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