Monday Day 2 of Cruise – Day at Sea with No Coke




The ship is going full speed ahead (about 22 knots or so) with high seas, so we get a little rocking and rolling going on. After the usual lolly gagging about what to do, we take Sugey to Cloud Nine to play at a play group with kids his age, after this its time for more lolly gagging then off to eat at the buffet, we seem to hit the buffet at off times and get in and out fairly quickly. Kate an JR try the rock wall while we watch the adults play dodge ball.
So far it has been very difficult for Heather to get a coke, the coke sticker was to go on Heathers seapass but Gert got it wrong and it went on her card, so anytime Heather wants a coke Gert must be nearby, so Heather got a coke card for Kates card same story, Heather has to have either Kate or Gerty get her cokes and the three never seem to be in the same place at the same time, and when you send Kate for coke she forgets her mission halfway through her venture.

Tonight is monkey suit night also known as Formal Night, everyone gets all dolled up to go see the captain’s welcome gala and then off to dinner. JR starts taking his stuff off at dinner, Heather again has a very hard time getting coke meanwhile Kate and JR are sipping on Daiquiris. Kate finishes of every course and ends dinner with a cappuccino. Then its off to the show, unfortunately Gert did not make the show – she went to bed.

More tomorrow…………………………