Day 4 St Martin or Sint Martin or St Maarten

Day 4 – St Martin or Sint Martin or St Marteen

This was the only foreign port on the itinerary, This port is known for its shopping and beaches and as such we had made this the day we go to the beach. Our shore excursion was butterfly farm and beach. We all board the bus for the trip to the butterfly farm, this was quite a drive and Gerty once again used both hands to hang on while we had a very bumpy ride through the island, you see the road are not good, very little if any pavement and lots of pot holes, intersections with what appear to have no traffic controls, we get to the farm and the tour starts, the guide is explaining the steps on a butterflies life, Kate new all the answers as she has studied this in school recently, Sugey of course can’t stay in the tour and so we break off and look around, everyone is getting cups of juice to attract the butterflies to their finger for that great picture, all the while They keep landing on Gert and her hat, we did get a lot of pictures here and it was a nice stop, back on the bus for another roadtrip to the next destination, the bus stops at a scenic picture spot blocking traffic and causing the locals to test the horns on their vehicles, It seems that a requirement for living on this island is having at least one junk car in the yard at least partially stripped. Next stop was “boo boo jam” our beach stop on Orient Beach which is hailed as one of the best beaches, All that windy weather we had going down did the number on the waves, the tour guide said we should avoid the water as the waves were dangerous, she said they had an accident the day before and had to call ambulance. We were taken to our reserved area of the beach but it was so windy it was difficult to truly enjoy this stop, about this time Heather starts to get a migraine, the tour ends and e are back on board. We take the kids to the buffet and Heather tries to rid herself of the headache. We seem to have good timing at the buffet, we usually go at off peak hours and don’t have to deal with lines or fight for a table.

On this evening we ate in the main dining room, the room is a beautiful 3 level dining room, The service was good, our headwaiter is very attentive especially to the kids, he is definitely on the level with Disney. Sugey likes grapes and he brought him a bowl of grapes, little things like that. The Maitre D is also good, he visits each night and offers suggestions, they did sing Happy Birthday to Kate as well.

Tonight they had the Ice show, Heather, Gert and Sugey and I attended this it was a great show, the ice rink is small but the skaters did a nice job, Sugey especially enjoyed the clown skit.