Jan 14

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It’s hard to believe that the Disney Dream is almost a reality. With the Maiden Voyage just a few days away, I can’t help but think of the amazing memories that Guests will be making with their families and friends on the newest Disney Ship.

At Disney Theme Park Merchandise, it’s our job to turn your magical moments and memories on Disney Cruise Line into keepsakes that will last a lifetime. With the help of our talented Disney Design Group Artists, we have created new merchandise especially for the Maiden and Inaugural Voyages of the Disney Dream to help make your family’s vacation even more memorable. While there are too many new items to show you, I wanted to share a few of my personal favorites – I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

AquaDuck Three-Dimensional Picture Frame

Like all of you, I can hardly wait to set sail on the Disney Dream (my family and I have already booked our trip). The number one thing we’re excited for: the AquaDuck. We are already guessing who’s going to be screaming the loudest when we fly out of the new water coaster. When I saw the AquaDuck Three-Dimensional Picture Frame, I immediately knew that this would be the perfect way to crown the winner of our family scream contest. Not only does the frame have space for a 3” x 4” picture, but it represents one of the icons that make the Disney Dream so spectacular. We haven’t even set sail yet, but I’ve already cleared a spot on the mantle for the AquaDuck Picture Frame.

Limited Edition Disney Dream Pins

Disney Pins are such a big part of Guests memories in Disney Parks and on Disney Cruise Line, so we couldn’t launch the Disney Dream without a special compilation of limited edition Disney Pins. In keeping with the spirit and tradition of Disney Pin Trading, our talented Disney Design Group has created a colorful assortment of Disney Dream Trading Pins that embody the spirit of the Disney Dream. The new collection of pins feature beloved Disney Characters and experiences that are truly unique to the Disney Dream.

Disney Dream Vinylmation Figures

And of course, the shops wouldn’t be complete without Disney Dream Exclusive Vinylmation. For the Inaugural Voyages, we have created an assortment that includes a limited edition of 1,000 3” Vinylmation 2-pack that features Admiral Donald, plus a Vinylmation Jr. Also be on the lookout for 9” Disney Dream Vinylmation that draws inspiration from the hull of the Dream.

I wish that I could show you all of the new and unique items that we have created just for the upcoming Disney Dream Voyages – there’s so much to see! If you want to see an even bigger sampling of the commemorative pieces that have been created especially for the Inaugural Voyages of the Disney Dream, take a look at DisneyUrl.com/MaidenVoyage. And don’t forget, if you’re sailing on the Maiden Voyage of the Disney Dream, make sure you submit the Random Selection Process Form to sign up for these special commemorative pieces!

How do you commemorate your Disney Cruise Line vacations? Do you have a special keepsake from one your past voyages? Share it with us in the comments.

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