Sep 21

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The Allure has returned from a very successful sea trial. Here is Harri Kulovaara’s report. I couldn’t help but note that he uses uncharacteristically flowery language; he must be happy. 

During a typical brisk autumn morning in Scandinavia with grey skies and rain drops just about to start falling, a remarkably untypical vessel sailed through the waters for the very first time.  Allure of the Seas had already been afloat, but tied to her dock at STX Europe in Turku, for 10 months until she departed the shipyard early Monday morning to perform systems training at sea. 

As she was transitioning through the archipelago, during the first day of the sea trials, in order to reach the open seas of the Baltic she was attracting a lot of attention both from shore and from a number of European Navy vessels conducting military exercises in the area. One of the most curious vessels, a submarine, even extended its best wishes communicated by the lady captain over the radio. When Allure reached the “box,” an area designated for the majority of the tests and her “playground” for the coming few days, the wind started picking up creating swells of about 12 feet. Fortunately this remarkably vessel handles the seas extremely well. 

For the 500 people that have sailed onboard Allure life has been somewhat more spartan than usual. Treats like a hot shower, hot meals and a newly replenished coffee and cookies tray have been much appreciated. Nothing can be taken for granted under these circumstances. If you are lucky you also get a night of peaceful sleep uninterrupted by fire alarms, the public address system or vibration tests. 

This week the team has been testing everything from propulsion and maneuverability to the Rising Tides bar and Aqua Theater show equipment. As the vessel was positioned in the lee of the island of Gotland performing testing of more sensitive systems requiring calm conditions we had an unexpected visitor from the sky. A Search and Rescue helicopter conducted a series of successful landing drills on our helipad. Apart from the bustling environment on the bridge and the engine control room, where tests were coordinated and performance monitored around the clock, the vessel was empty, almost ghostlike. Our beloved guests were missing. However, having experienced Oasis in service it is not difficult to imagine thousands of guests filling up the empty public spaces, enjoying themselves on the Boardwalk or strolling down Central park. Standing in the Viking crown overlooking the Pool area and Central Park down below after having first looked down and aft at the Boardwalk from the Windjammer, you can truly appreciate the magnificent size of this construction. 

Today as you are getting ready to enjoy your weekend Allure is resting at the shipyard again, brought back by our team after a week of successful trials at sea. I am sure that with this taste of freedom, the two remaining months before she is sailing in open waters again will seem to simply fly by. Both Allure and her amazing crew will be exited to welcome you onboard for an astonishing experience very soon. 

Allure is saluted by a navy ship.

The submarine heads down.

Allure returns from her sea tials. Photo credit: Jani Teikari.

A helicopter lands on Allure of the Seas

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