Sep 14

The Latest Update on Our Newest Ship Allure of the Seas



We recently spent a day at the STX Turku shipyard with a global mix of media.  The point was to show off Allure of the Seas and wow was she looking good for 8+ weeks in advance of delivery.  After many years in the business, including numerous trips to the shipyard in advance of a ship delivery, one develops a certain sense of what one will see.  Occasionally, this produces cognitive dissonance when one’s expectation doesn’t match up with the reality. I distinctly remember this confused feeling when I visited Voyager of the Seas in 1999 and her dimensions were so much bigger than what I had seen before.  On our Vision and Sovereign Class ships, you could stand pretty close to the hull and still see the steel curving away at the bow and the stern.  But standing next to Voyager at midship you could only see straight steel to either side.

Allure of the Seas main dinning room

This time the feeling was about the readiness of Allure.  With every ship we have ever built, no matter what number ship in a particular class, the chaos of the final outfitting always produces the visceral reaction that there is no way the ship will ever be done on time for the delivery date.  This is true even a few days in advance.  Not so this time.  Allure is so ready that even now it is obvious she will be completely ready for delivery on October 28th.

Congratulations to the shipyard, our newbuild team, and the operation for the current state of Allure.

Allure of the Seas view to royal promenade

We revealed our plans to have the Solarium Bistro restaurant area turn into the Samba Grill churrascaria for dinner on Allure.  I will leave it to Lisa Bauer to give the details.  We’ve gotten accustomed to announcing new features on new ships practically up to delivery.  We’re not necessarily done.

Running Note – Ran my first 5k of the new season up and down the hills of Vista View Park in Broward (yes it is a former landfill).  I’m not happy with my 19:31time even though I finished 13th overall and easily won my age group.  48 year olds should not be passing me in the last mile.  Discussed the upcoming year with my coach and will point towards 1500 meters on the track.  Lots of hard work ahead if I want to challenge the best runners my age.

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